It all started with just one basket!

Gail, our beautiful friend who helps keep all running perfectly at Queen Bee Cottage, has created a magic a space for lovers of art, handmade, slow-made ethical home decor, jewellery and gifts at her online store

Gail and I began a journey many years ago working together to help restore and protect our local bushland. Since that time life has taken each of us on many different roads. Gail’s journey to theveranda began when she was gifted her first African Market Basket which became a fixture for every day use.  So in love with this basket she decided to add another to her stash, discovering a rainbow new styles, colours and shapes. It was love and she knew she wanted to share them with our community.

Since then she has invested countless hours in local markets and started Sol Sisters shop with five other Artisans (more about Sol Sisters later!). Her new online store is full of artisan products with contemporary traditional style and a modern twist.

Follow her  journey as she discovers new and beautiful one off pieces for you to share.

Look good, feel great and get inspired – our favourite space in the home!

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