10 Best Atherton Tablelands artisan and epicure markets

There is no better way to discover local artisans and foodies delight than by exploring local markets. Local markets bring our the colour and character of a region like no other regular community events. And the Atherton Tablelands is no exception! The Waterfalls and Crater Lakes District of the Atherton Tableland is renowned for its Country Markets that are held every weekend. The markets alternate between towns each weekend so all the people of the Atherton Tableland get to appreciate this weekly spectacle. Towns that the markets visit include Atherton, Tolga, Mareeba, Archer Creek, Malanda, Wondecla, Yungaburra, Ravenshoe and Kairi. While Kuranda holds a market every Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Fulfill your market passion every weekend of the month and celebrate to blossoming spring produce of the region.

First weekend of every month:

1. Atherton and 2. Tolga

Second weekend of every month

3. Mareeba and 4. Archer Creek (just down the road from The Long Weekend Retreat, Millstream)

Third weekend of every month

5. Malanda and 6. Wondecla

Fourth weekend of every month

7. Yungaburra, 8. Ravenshoe, 9. Kairi

And last but by no means least no. 10. the legendary Kuranda Markets!