A great reason to smile everyday

I first moved to Milton from Bondi more than 25 years ago. Back then the neighbourhood was truly a quiet country nook that only really came to life for a few weeks over the Summer holidays. We used to joke about not being able to get a cup of coffee, have a special meal out – and then what to do on a Saturday night! I was just beginning my personal journey into yoga and yearned for a community with whom I could practice.

All these years on we have a choice of beautiful yoga studios in Milton, the region is now a hub for the growing ‘farm to table’ movement, and it is only a few steps between choices for great coffee. It’s been remarkable to watch this ‘hidden gem’ be discovered and experience all the positives this brings to our town.

Another of my favourite things is the gathering of the community through publications like White Wash, free and now up to issue #12. It’s local and relevant and a true celebration. This issue has a great piece on Slow Food Setting the Pace for Change, but my favourite tit-bit is the recipe for beeswax wraps, a new passion of mine, not only great for the environment but I have the prettiest array of fabrics and the funnest looking fridge in town!